Beautiful Dead Thing

What would make a person lie about having cancer? Why would someone wish that on herself? Beautiful Dead Thing is about all that. It’s coming out in Witness this October or so and is featured in my new manuscript (one of two) with the working title “Stranger in the Dream House.” Here’s the opening. Beautiful Dead Thing … More Beautiful Dead Thing

A Dirty Little War

  A new story available to read in its entirety at Triquarterly. I’ve been a fan of this magazine for a long, long time and it makes me very happy to finally have a piece appearing in its pages. Enjoy at your leisure. Triquarterly Summer Issue

The Body Underwater

Working on what might become a novella. There are days when the writing comes easy and other days it’s real a struggle because I want to get this right. This story is about a trangender woman living in Fairbanks, Alaska in the late eighties. If this story were a dive or a ice skating routine … More The Body Underwater

I’m Here: Alaska Stories collection complete

This past year I’ve been working hard on a new collection of stories. But surprise surprise. As the writing process moved into the difficult middle stages the book cleaved into two. One of those books, I’m Here: Alaska Stories, contains 10 stories dramatizing life in Alaska and specifically the interior. I’m very happy with it. … More I’m Here: Alaska Stories collection complete

A Tourist in the Land of Plenty in Southwest Review

My story “A Tourist in the Land of Plenty” will be appearing in the new issue of Southwest Review. Like a lot of my stories lately it’s about the process of storytelling (I guess I’ve always written about this subject) and, more specifically, how stories are used to empower the people who tell them. The story of … More A Tourist in the Land of Plenty in Southwest Review