La Recoleta in TriQuarterly

A new story La Recoleta will appear in the next issue of TriQuarterly. I’m very happy to have a piece accepted to this fine journal.

La Recoleta takes place on two continents–rural Indiana and urban Argentina–and is one of the stories I’ve been working on for my new collection with the working title A Stranger in the Dream House.

This particular story dramatizes the life of a young boy born of a North American father and a South American mother. After his father’s death in Viet Nam he’s taken to Argentina by his mother, where he encounters a much more dangerous kind of social unrest than he saw in the United States.

This is one of those stories that just happened. It surprised me one day when I was working on a different piece and came together quickly. Again, very happy to have it accepted in Triquarterly, a journal I’ve respected for a long time for their commitment to slightly experimental forms of writing. Their website is here.

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